Make 2017, the year where you Unmask the highest version of you and live a more Soul conscious life!

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Are you ready to 
Unmask Your Soul?

If you're a healer, messenger, spiritual teacher or leader who wants to release what's holding you back from being who you were born to be, then I invite you to join me, Eileen Anümani Santos, on this transformational journey of
Truth, Light, and Healing

Do you sometimes feel like you need to pretend to be someone you're not?

Do you wish your life were more in alignment with who you really are?

Are you ready to express your gifts to the world in a way that’s empowered and authentic?

I’m here to tell you that, 'YES,' you CAN have that in your life and more!

I never imagined fourteen years ago that I would be transitioning from my corporate life to be an author, shaman, speaker, and coach. But, here we are, because I surrendered to the deep yearning of my Soul that was calling me to embody my Divine gifts and follow my Soul’s calling. Throughout my own transformational journey, I had to remove many masks to get to the core of who I really am and understand my purpose and why I'm here.

Through this new SoulLove Mastery private mentoring program, I'll help you Unmask the Real You, Unleash your Divine Purpose and Power, so you can create a more Soul-conscious and authentic life.

This program has been waiting to birth through me for a long time. I’ve been immersed in an adventure traveling a path of Truth, Light, and Healing that began with a dream of awakening in 2003. It was in this dream where I heard God’s voice say, “My child, I have a mission for you. One that you won't understand in this moment, but be patient, for in time all will be revealed to you.”

I know that if you’re reading these words, your Soul is calling you to Unmask Your Soul and embrace the Real You as well! I also know that if you’re still reading, you're a healer, messenger, spiritual teacher, or leader who's meant to contribute to the shift in consciousness of humanity. The time is now for you to step in and discover your Soul’s calling and embody the magnificence you truly are!

Make no mistake about it. This program is life-changing and transformational. If you’re willing to put in the work, then what you become will be unimaginable, as you lean in to discover the real you. Your Divine Essence has been there this whole time in a dormant state just waiting for the time of your awakening. It’s not that you’re fixing, removing, or rejecting any part of yourself. On the contrary. This is about accepting who you are, in the way that you are, with all your human imperfections. The more you embody who you are, the more light you become, and the more you radiate the pure love that you are at your core. You will learn to live your human life from a higher plane of consciousness that vibrates in love and expresses the Soul of You–the You God created you to be.

I designed this program around the elements of the teachings downloaded into my consciousness by the Divine. These teachings are the foundation of my book, Unmasking Your Soul: A Transformational Journey of Truth, Light, and Healing. In this program, we unmask the twelve chambers of the Soul that are the keys to unlocking the highest and most authentic version of you. This program is the beginning of your Soul Quest, where you learn to tap into your Soul and receive the guidance that will serve to enrich all areas of your life–relationships, wealth, career, family, and spiritual growth. As you transform that which sits within you, you'll transform your outer world into the joyful and abundant life your Soul has always yearned for you.

Keep in mind that transformation takes dedication, patience, surrender, endurance, gentleness, and lots of love. All your Soul wants you to know is how deeply loved you are and that, in fact, you are this same Divine Love. When you’re able to embody the love that you are, all else around you changes and transforms to serve you in your highest good and bring you the magnificent life God has always wanted for you. It's your birthright to have the life you desire.


You can choose to take this journey with me for 6 or 12 months. Here’s what you’ll receive in each level of the SoulLove Mastery program:

  • One private 90-minute intake session where we’ll set your program goals, and you’ll receive a Soul Reading and experience a Soul Quest meditation to connect with your Soul’s guidance.
  • Two private healing and coaching sessions per month lasting 2 hours each. In each session you’ll get a 60-minute coaching session, as well as a 60-minute energy healing session.
  • Access to a proprietary healing and transformational process, the Unmasking Your Soul Blueprint, that you’ll be able to use to memorialize the insights from your transformational journey.
  • Access to the Unmasking Your Soul teachings, rituals, and exercises that will help you unlock and embody the Soul virtues that are the foundation for unmasking the highest version of you.
  • You’ll also get unlimited access to a private online membership site that will house all the recordings from your sessions, as well as the PDFs for all the program materials.

By enrolling in the SoulLove Mastery Program, you’ll learn:

  • What’s holding you back from being the real you;
  • How to connect more deeply with your divine light;
  • How to build the spiritual muscle to access your divine gifts;
  • How to embody the highest version of you;
  • How to live a soul-driven life every day.

In this moment, take a deep breath, and tune into your Heart and Soul. Ask yourself if you’re ready to bring this into your life. You'll know if this program is for you. If so, start by taking action and enroll today. The transformation can only begin when you say ‘Yes’ to you.

This program is on a rolling admissions schedule, which means you can apply at any point during the year. However, due to the exclusive and highly personal nature of this program, I’m limiting enrollment to 12 individuals at any one time. Once the program is full, you'll have to get on a waiting list. So if you feel called to be part of this private mentoring program, please don’t wait! Go ahead and book your free session today.

You are love. You are a luminous being of light. You are what the world is waiting for.

When the Divine revealed to me the name of my ancient Soul, Anümani, it made it very clear that it was time for me to step in fully to do what I was born to do. 'Anümani' means the omniscient jewel of compassion and love. You, too, hold that same jewel of love within you. I'm here to guide you to uncovering your own jewel of love that lives and breathes within and through you. I will serve as the bridge between your Divine Mind, Heart, and Soul so that the creative force that you are emerges and your Soul becomes the guiding force in your life.

Anümani your spiritual guide on this journey

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The SoulLove Mastery Private Mentoring Program is your key to living a Soul-driven Life.

Remember, due to the exclusive nature of this program, I'm limiting enrollment to 12 individuals at any one time. So don't wait, book your free session today!

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If you're ready to liberate your Soul and awaken to your divine purpose, click above, and book your free Soul discovery session! In this session we'll begin to uncover what's holding you back from being the real you. Once you choose the program length that fits your needs and make payment, you're in! There are payment options available.


Eileen Anümani Santos is an international bestselling author, modern day shaman, speaker, and coach whose mission is to heal and awaken the hearts and minds of those seeking to live more authentic and Soul-driven lives. Through a mystical dream she experienced in 2003, she awakened to begin her own transformational journey of self-discovery. 

Anümani is the spiritual name and vibration of her ancient Soul that holds the golden light of Archangel Metatron and the energies of the Merkaba. She guides her clients to the jewel of God’s compassion and love that lives within them, the place where Heaven and Earth become ONE. Her clients describe her work as “gentle, yet powerful, connecting to a vastness of consciousness beyond the human mind.” Be it a healer, messenger, spiritual teacher, or leader, all that are called by their Soul to show up in the world empowered as their most authentic self will be transformed by Anümani’s work.

In June of 2015, Eileen Anümani became an international bestselling author with the release of the anthology, Pebbles in the Pond (Wave 4), where she was a contributing author to this best-selling series, and then again, in December 2016, with the launch of her new book, Unmasking Your Soul. To begin your transformational journey, visit: